In 1974 David and Jacqui Krizo began Krizo Farms, first growing grains then organic horseradish in the topmost region of California, 80 miles north of Mt. Shasta. The terroir in the fields on a former lake bed is ideal for growing organic horseradish. Potential issues of insect and crop disease are suppressed by cold winters and warm, dry and sunny summers. The soil is rich with minerals from lava rock produced by Medicine Lake Volcano.

Both David's and Jacqui's parents formerly farmed in the area on homesteads won in the 1940s. Jacqui's father, Jack Newkirk, began growing horseradish in the Tulelake Basin in 1952. According to legend, the original horseradish root planted in the region arrived in the coat pocket of David's grandfather when he emigrated from Czechoslovakia to southern Oregon.

Today the farming business is operated by Rafael and Eneida Hernandez of Hernandez Organic Farms.